See A Picture You Want?

This page will contain high school pictures of various events throughout the year, taken by school staff. If you see a picture you like and wish to download it to your computer for printing, please send an email requesting the file to:

We are asking for a donation of $1 per picture file. The money received will help us buy new camera equipment for the school.

For best print quality, we suggest bringing the downloaded file to any store that has a photography section, such as Target, Walmart or Harolds. Pictures are suitable for 5x7 up to 8x10 print size.

Pictures will be deleted 1 month after event date and no longer available.

Girls Basketball
67 Pictures
Jan. 8

Boys Basketball
34 Pictures
Jan. 8

Girls Basketball 218
48 Pictures
Feb. 18

71 Pictures
Jan. 8

Boys Bball 204
19 Pictures
Feb. 03

Boys Basketball 218
Feb. 18
42 Pictures