2015-2016 Large Group Speech

2015-16 Speech Season
West Lyon is gearing up for the contest speech seasons! This year we have three coaches working with the 12 Large Group Speech teams: Ellie Montsma, Kristin Clasen, and Laura Gilbertson. West Lyon will be taking the following 12 Large Group Speech teams to contest: three Group Improv teams, three Ensemble Acting pieces, two Short Films, a Reader’s Theater, a Musical Theater, a Radio Broadcasting piece, and a TV News team.
These 12 Large Group Speech groups will be competing on January 23rd at Sheldon. We would love to see you there and have your support! Those that receive “I” ratings will go on to compete at State on February 6th in Le Mars.

General LG Speech Information

Large Group is an opportunity for students to explore speaking and performing in a group or team setting.  The Iowa High School Speech Association provides a variety of opportunities for students to explore their acting and speaking talents in a competitive environment. 


Description of Large Group Events


One-Act        One or more students perform a play on stage using costumes, make-up, lights,

                      props, etc.  All aspects of theater are utilized.  

                      Length – 35 minutes.  Memorized


Choral Reading    A collection of material with group and solo lines, possibly some singing and

                               acting.  Facial expression, vocal blend, and interpretation are important. 

                               Up to 15 members.  15 minutes.  Read from scripts.


Reader’s Theater    A group of usually 7 to 12 people perform either a play or a collection

 of prose readings.  There is no make-up or props.  Interpretation is the key,                                along with facial and vocal expression.  
            Up to 25 minutes.  
Read from scripts.


Ensemble Acting    Two to six students are out a scene from a play or book, only chairs

and a table may be used.  Miming of all other props are necessary.  No make-up or costumes.  Length – 15 minutes.  Memorized.


Musical Theater    Two to six students will combine their acting, singing, and dancing  skills in a 10

                                 minute performance.  No make-up or costumes.  



Group Mime        Two to six students act out a situation or story with their bodies.

                              No talking is allowed.  Length – 7 minutes.   Memorized.


Solo Mime        One person acts out a story or situation with their body and facial expression. 

                           Length – 5 minutes.  Memorized.


Group Improv    Two to five students are given a situation to use when making up a story and

                              acting it out.  Two minutes of preparation time is allowed to create a five

                             minute presentation.  Creativity and team work is vital.  Imagination Required


TV News        A group of 2-15 students gather, edit, organize, and shape a news broadcast. 

            The broadcast can include local, state, national, and international news, weather, sports, and      
            special features
, along with a commercial. The performance is video-taped, and then judged at
            contest.  On and Off c
amera is essential. Off camera people run the camera, editing equipment,
            design the set,
etc. Two teams allowed. Length – 10 minutes max. Prepared before contest.


Radio Broadcasting    This category mirrors television news except that it is a radio

broadcast and its length is 7 minutes.  The audio tape is taken to

contest.  Vocal variety and enthusiasm are keys to this category.

Two teams of 2-8 members allowed.  Vocal Interpretation Required.


Short Film        This five minute category requires a story line along with a great deal of tech savvy.
                                Length – 5 minutes. Prepared before contest.

Contact: E. Montsma