2024-2025 Appointed Positions

Board Secretary - Janet Feikema

Treasurer - Alec Bonander

Open Enrollment - Supt. Shawn Kreman

Equity Coordinator - Supt. Shawn Kreman

Homeless Liaison - Kelly Van Den Berg

Level 1 Investigator - Kate Gerber

Alternate Level 1 Investigator - Jerod Reinking

Alternate Level 1 Investigator - Tim Snyder

Level II Investigator - Supt. Shawn Kreman

Title IX Coordinator - Supt. Shawn Kreman

Annual Notices

State and Federal regulations, as well as some district policies, require the district to post certain notifications to the public. You may access them through the links provided on this page. Paper copies are available by calling (712) 753-4917.