Welcome to Wildcat Country

The West Lyon Community School District welcomes you to the “Home of the Wildcats!”

We are a district of nearly 950 students in grades Pre-K through 12, and a great staff of nearly 140!  Being part of this district one quickly realizes that we are a caring, supportive and encouraging district, and that’s just the start!  This district has some much to be proud of as we are surrounded by five wonderful communities who share that Wildcat Pride!  The towns of: Alvord, Granite, Inwood, Larchwood and Lester all share in their support of this district, yet each has its own unique character.
As I begin my seventh year as the superintendent of the West Lyon School District, I want to make sure to share with you that our districts’ stakeholders (students, staff, parents and community members) share a common bond and the level of support is second to none!  Everyone you meet in our district has such a caring and giving demeanor, always willing to lend a hand, and an understanding that West Lyon students are provided with encouragement and guidance that is needed to be successful in today’s 21st Century!  
This school district has so much to be proud of its history and tradition!  From the hardworking families in our agricultural rich communities, to the entrepreneurial parents who have designed their own business or company, as well as those parents that travel to Sioux Falls for their chosen careers.  We take pride in the honor of having a Paralympic Games gold medalist, winner of the Boston, New York City and Los Angeles Marathons in Cheri Blauwet, and two individuals that played professional football in LeVar Woods and Kyle Vanden Bosch.  These individuals still speak about their pride in the West Lyon School District and we appreciate them being great role models for our district!  We also appreciate the fact that many of our graduates return to the area to begin their own family, work in our communities, or simply travel back and visit with family and friends! 
A common quote in education is “it takes a village to raise a child,” and I believe this to be true, as in education we need everyone to work together for a common purpose and goal for their students to be successful.  I’m a husband, a father and a grandparent and I take all these responsibilities seriously, and in talking with various community members, they all take their individual role and responsibility very seriously in supporting the students and staff at West Lyon! 
My philosophy of education is simple, “work hard for your goals,” but for those goals to become a reality, you must be willing to put in the time, understand that there will be challenges and failures along the way, but most importantly be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished!  My goal for the West Lyon School District, whether you’re a community member, business person, relative, staff member, parent or student is to continue to take pride in your district and expect the best for the students of the West Lyon School District and we’ll continue to work very hard in providing the best educational setting that will prepare our young people for success in the “real world!”  
When you get a chance, take a look through our website , visit with one of our district stakeholders, and see why this district has so much pride and why you need to be a part of it! 
Shawn Kreman

West Lyon Superintendent

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